The accompaniment process and the role of the Victim Support Worker

Having under consideration the impact of crime on victims, it is crucial for their recovery having a professional by their side that is enabled to provide support and accompaniment throughout the criminal proceedings, reducing feelings of anxiety and thus ensuring that victims are provided with all the necessary information related to the different phases and the procedural intervenients. In this regard, VSE are equipped with the adequate knowledge and practice on how to professionally advise and support victims of crime, guaranteeing their rights, not only in a mere theoretical manner, but put in practice.

The accompaniment of a victim in procedural act does not cease in that act, implying also the preparation of the victim to the specific procedural act, maintaining contact and support after that act, if the victim so wishes. 

Consequently, the VSW may have a continuous intervention at an emotional support level, by providing information about the proceeding, the role of the victim and her/his rights and through the resolution of practical aspects.